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Perfect Fit Personal Training Studio Opens with Special COVID Safety Precautions

First and only SF gym to offer partitioned, self-contained workout stations.

San Francisco, CA (October 1, 2020) — Perfect Fit Personal Training Studio has reopened and is the first and only San Francisco gym to provide self-contained workout stations cordoned off by plexiglass barriers. Perfect Fit offers 1:1 personal training, solo workouts, private instructed Pilates sessions, and massage.

Stations are six feet apart and each is equipped with a HEPA filter, hand sanitizer, latex gloves, disposable masks, and Clorox disinfecting wipes. In each station, personal exercise equipment includes:

Free weights


Squat rack

Bench press

Jump rope

Elastic exercise bands

Exercise balls

Yoga mat

Air bike

Upon arrival at the studio, clients will have their temperature taken by an infrared laser thermometer and required to sanitize or wash their hands. Gloves and masks are also available. Between sessions, each station will undergo a dedicated cleaning and be sterilized.

Clients can work out alone, have a virtual training or Pilates session via tablet, or choose to have their trainer inside the station with them.

Book a private training session now!

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